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Burton Sous Vide, perfect every time…

Invest in a Burton Sous Vide and you’ll soon see why it’s the best on the market, the best value for money and the best way of consistently cooking delicious restaurant quality food. With clean lines and a sleek finish the Burton Sous Vide has a style that stands out from the crowd. Available in a vast range of colours, it sits beautifully in any modern kitchen. And unlike other Sous Vide cookers, it has a stay-cool exterior, making it incredibly safe. With no confusing attachments or clunky contraptions, you’ll find everything you need is included and wonderfully easy to use. Why Burton Sous Vide? Why not.

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What the experts say…

“If you want to cook like a Michelin - starred chef, you need a sous vide in your kitchen”

Adam Jackson, Chef Owner, The Park Restaurant
“The Burton Sous Vide is a fantastic appliance that’s actually as good as commercial versions”

John Topham, Chef Owner, The General Tarleton
“The great advantage of sous vide cooking is its absolute consistency”

Ben Varley, Head Chef - Award Winning - Design House Restaurant

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