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Sous Vide FAQs

What is Sous Vide cooking?

Sous vide cooking is an ingenious yet easy method that involves vacuum-sealing food in plastic pouches and cooking them in a temperature-controlled water bath. You simply set your Burton sous vide to the right temperature and time, pop in your pouches and let the machine do all the work for you. Click here for full details.

What equipment is included in my Burton sous vide system?

There’s no need to buy a separate pump or search for vacuum pouches online – our unique, all-inclusive system contains everything you need to start cooking straight away. Click here for full details.

Is my machine big enough to feed a family?

The Burton sous vide has a water bath capacity of more than 13 litres, with 5 litres of space for food – enough for even the hungriest of families. 

Will a sous vide fit in my kitchen?

The Burton sous vide has been carefully designed in the UK to deliver the optimum combination of usability and style while sitting comfortably in any modern domestic kitchen. The sleek cooker is low enough to fit under cupboards when in operating mode and has a hinged, removable lid for spaces where height is restricted. Click here for full details.

How often will I use my Burton sous vide?

Using a Burton sous vide gives you unparalleled flexibility. Whether cooking for one, a family or a crowd, hands-on time is kept to a minimum. You can batch-cook in advance to ensure your freezer is always well-stocked with delicious food or simply set the time and temperature on your machine to make sure your perfectly cooked meal is ready when you are. Cook sous vide once and you’ll want to cook that way every day.

Is it easy to use?

It really couldn’t be easier to cook sous vide using a meticulously-designed Burton machine. The control display unit has been placed at the optimum angle on the front of the machine for visibility, ease of use and convenient monitoring. It shows the set temperature, actual temperature and timer in a single view that can be easily seen, without distortion, from any angle. The keypad has also been designed for easy, quick and accurate use, with soft-touch buttons that clearly indicate when a setting has been successfully executed. Click here for full details. 

Is my Burton sous vide easy to keep clean?

Cooking sous vide is one of the cleanest, most convenient and consistent ways of preparing top quality food. Vacuum-sealing food in pouches is the perfect no-mess, no-fuss option. In a similar way, the Burton sous vide itself has been designed to allow simple and straight forward cleaning.  Simply empty the water, initially with a jug or similar utensil and then using the lifting handles on the base pour the remaining water away.  Wipe inside and out with a soft damp cloth and your finished. 

Where can I find tried-and-tested recipes?

We’ve put together a selection of key recipes to get you started. Our exclusive recipe book is included in your Burton sous vide system, or you can use our online archive to start building your own collection of future favourites Click here for full details.

What can I cook sous vide?

Nothing is off the menu. Beef, pork, lamb, poultry, game, fish, seafood, vegetables, fruit and a range of puddings are all enhanced and improved by the low temperature water bath method. Click here for full details.

Is cooking at low temperatures safe?

Of course. Follow the basic safety principles employed in all cooking methods – use only the freshest ingredients, make sure your hands, boards and utensils are clean and avoid cross contamination – and there are few additional safety implications to sous vide food preparation. Adhere to the recommended times and temperatures and you can cook with confidence. Click here for full details.

Can I use my Burton sous vide for cooking, freezing and reheating?

You can, and you should. It’s the best and most convenient way of ensuring your freezer is always stocked with pre-cooked pouches of delicious food, ready to reheat whenever you need them. You can quick-chill your food after cooking by submerging the pouches in an ice bath (50 per cent ice; 50 per cent water) then refrigerate for up to 7days at 3°C or less. Alternatively, you can freeze them for up to a year. Click here for full details.

How long can I safely keep vacuum-packed food in the fridge?

Once cooked and quick-chilled, your vacuum-packed food will remain in premium condition in the fridge (at 3°C or less) for up to 7 days.

Can I put frozen food directly into my machine?

Of course – it’s just one of the many convenient qualities of the Burton sous vide. Just don’t forget to factor in some time for defrosting when setting your required cooking time. 

Can I overcook food in my Burton sous vide?

You are in complete control, making over-cooking largely a thing of the past. If you follow the temperature and time guidelines, your food will be perfectly cooked each time, every time. Click here for full details.

Are the ziplock vacuum bags safe for sous vide cooking?

Yes, they are perfectly safe. The Food Grade bags are of high quality and are free of BPA, Phthalates and other Plasticisers.

Are the ziplock vacuum bags reusable?

As with any food process, safe handling & hygiene standards should always be maintained.

Once the food has been cooked in the Burton Sous Vide it is important to clean the re-sealable bags thoroughly in hot soapy water, as you would any food container. Alternatively they can be turned inside out and placed on the top shelf of a dishwasher. The use of a good quality anti-bacterial spray is also recommended. It is possible to re-use the bags many times over.

The manual vacuum pump can be cleaned in a similar fashion. For ease of cleaning, the pump nozzle can be unscrewed.

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