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Enjoy fine dining, at home

Healthier eating
Easier cooking
Perfect results
Healthier eating
Easier cooking
Perfect results

Cook like a pro

Sous Vide is a technique where food is sealed in a vacuum bag then cooked to a very precise temperature in a water bath

Burton Sous Vide combines cutting edge design to create delicious, healthier, stress free meals - bring your dream recipes to life whether cooking for one or entertaining guests

Hailed by top chefs around the world, the phenomenon of sous vide is now available to everyone.

What Burton Sous Vide can do for you

  • Re-create Michelin Star restaurant meals consistently and effortlessly
  • Cook like a pro without any experience
  • Entertain and impress guests. Without stress, without worry
  • Enjoy more free time, allow BSV to be your cooking partner
  • Probably the best Sous Vide product on the market
A complete ‘all-in-one’ Sous Vide system Economical, safe and well Insulated Great looking, sleek, modern design Precise temperature accuracy (0.1C) Free vacuum sealer and reusable bags included UK designed, manufactured to the highest standards
Large 13 litre water capacity Practical, unique food rack design Secure lid design prevents evaporation Simple controls, clear display, silent operation Best value, best quality with a touch of class Buy direct from the manufacturer


  • Outside dimensions: 381(l) x 338(w) x 268(h) mm
  • Operating cost: £0.005 per hour (approx.)
  • Operating temperature: 40c – 90c
  • Cooking capacity: 13 Litres
  • Unboxed weight : 7 kg
  • Timer: 0 – 99 hours
  • Temperature: accurate to 0.1c
  • 230-250v ~50Hz 800w
  • CE certified and fully approved


  • Large: 38 x 27 cm
  • Medium: 32 x 27 cm
  • Small: 25 x 22 cm
  • Plasticisers free (BPA, Phthalates etc)
  • Re-usable and recyclable
  • Dishwasher, freezer, microwave Safe
  • Vacuum pump: fully washable

Why has sous vide cooking become so popular?

Sous Vide has been used in top restaurants for around 30 years and, until now, has remained the professional Chef’s trade secret! But, with home cooking and entertaining becoming increasingly popular, home cooks are becoming ever more discerning in their desire to produce healthy, high quality food. Sous vide not only enables you to do this but also saves you time and hassle in the process.

Recently TV programs highlighting the amazing quality and simplicity of sous vide have exploded, bringing this secret to us all. Put simply, sous vide is a very easy way to prepare food, while, at the same time, giving home cooks much better control and consistency in the meals they prepare

Affordability has had a big impact too. Previously the preserve of commercial kitchens, water baths are now being designed to cater specifically for the needs of domestic cooking, bringing restaurant quality cooking methods into the home for a fraction of the price.

What can I cook sous vide?

Nothing is off the menu when you cook sous vide. Beef, pork, lamb, poultry, game, fish, seafood, eggs, vegetables and fruit, plus a wide range of puddings can be cooked this way. There is even a growing trend for making cocktails the sous vide way! All are enhanced and improved by the low temperature water bath method.

Sous vide cooking adds to the tenderness and texture of meat, it retains the vibrant colours of fruit and vegetables, preserves the delicate, velvet finish of fish and adds an extra dimension of decadence to desserts. Unlike traditional cooking methods sous vide also allows the visual character and nutritional benefits of food to remain intact.

How do I prepare and cook my sous vide food?

Preparing and cooking sous vide is incredibly simple. All you need to do is season your food, seal it in our reusable vacuum bags and drop it into your water bath at the correct temperature for the allotted time. When the time is up, simply remove food from the bag. Your food will be perfectly cooked through at the precise doneness and tenderness.

Some food, especially proteins such as meat and poultry, will need to be briefly seared and finished in hot pan to brown and caramelise the surfaces, whilst leaving the internal meat perfectly cooked according to your preference - rare, medium or well done.

Any liquids left in the bag are perfect for jus or gravy. Remember all the natural healthy nutrients & flavours are preserved in the juices as well as the food – all sealed & ‘locked into’ the vacuum bag.

One of the biggest convenience factors of sous vide cooking is that it is almost impossible to overcook your food because the internal temperature cannot rise above the water bath temperature you set. This is one of the major advantages of sous vide cooking, especially when serving times are delayed – hence the phrase ‘set & forget’ is often used.

How can sous vide help with my busy lifestyle?

Sous vide massively reduces the hands-on attentive time in your cooking yet enables you to achieve even better and more consistent results. With its precise temperature control the ‘set and forget’ sous vide method allows you to prepare dishes overnight or while at work without monitoring or worrying about over or under cooking issues.

Irrespective of the superior food quality, busy restaurants understand the huge time management and organisational benefits of sous vide preparation & delivery. With a little forward thinking it really is a time saver and will complement rather than intrude on your everyday busy lifestyles. Just make sure you choose a well-insulated Sous Vide machine that doesn’t need constant monitoring & topping up with water all the time through evaporation!

Why choose the Burton Sous Vide BSV 13L?

We’ve done our homework! Quite simply, we have put a huge amount of effort into our research and development to ensure that we are able to offer the best quality, best design & best value of any domestic Sous Vide machine currently on the market. We are also constantly looking to improve our products and services in order to provide our customers with the best possible experience.

Do I need to buy an expensive vacuum sealer?

Unlike other machines, Burton gives you a comprehensive vacuum sealing kit, including pump and a set of reusable bags with every new machine. No additional purchase is necessary, meaning you will be ready to start cooking within minutes of taking it out of the box.

Is Sous Vide a flexible way to cook?

The versatility of sous vide cooking gives you options that might previously have put you off serving certain dishes in some circumstances. By taking much of the stress and complexity out of the equation, sous vide can free your mind of many of the organisational elements involved serving a meal, allowing you the freedom to explore your culinary talents to the full and impress guests with your amazing abilities.

Imagine cooking steaks for your family or friends, with each liking theirs cooked to a different ‘doneness’... rare, medium, well done or anything in between. Instead of standing over your griddle pan or barbecue and timing each individual steak, by using the sous vide method you no longer need to worry about over or undercooking your guests’ food.

Through precise temperature control the water bath can ensure that each steak is pre-prepared to perfection every time, for example… 49°c for rare, 57°c for medium rare, 61°c for medium and 71°c for well done. So, when it comes to serving, all you need to do is hold your steaks at the lower temperature in your sous vide prior to plating up. Then, simply sear them all together on a high heat for a minute each side when you are ready to serve, thereby ensuring perfect results for everyone every time!

What is the difference between a Slow Cooker and Burton Sous Vide?

The versatility of sous vide is not confined to just slow cooking. Slow cookers are useful for stewing or braising and will tenderise, but sous vide will give you this & much more. A slow cooker will leach vitamins and minerals through moisture loss during longer cooking times. This can’t happen in vacuum sealed bags because nutrients and natural juices are retained.

The key is precision and consistency. Sous Vide will tenderise without overcooking but it also still allows you to cook at a precise temperature to achieve a perfect doneness. With its precision sous vide will allow radically different results. A tough cut of meat can not only be tenderised, cooking long and slow but still give you the option of medium rare or well done for example. No other cooking method can achieve this so accurately to your personal preference. The flavour and texture of the food cooked in a sous vide cannot be compared to other cooking methods.

Sous Vide is also great for a much wider range of dishes that can't be done in a Slow Cooker and a well-insulated Sous Vide machine does not require constant monitoring.

Is Sous Vide an effective way to prepare and freeze food ahead of time?

Do you want convenience food? Sous Vide really lends itself to pre-preparing and freezing meals to complement our busy lifestyles. Compared to conventional methods sous vide is the quickest and easiest way to freeze or refrigerate for better quality results.

Is Sous Vide similar to ‘boil in the bag’?

No! The whole point of Sous Vide is to cook food gently, well below the boiling point. The method heats water precisely to a level that matches and does not exceed the food’s ideal internal temperature. This means that your food will cook safely and evenly throughout while retaining its essential healthy nutrients.

Is the use of plastic bags safe?

Our reusable bags are completely safe. Made with ‘food grade’ materials of the highest quality, they are free from BPA, Phthalates and other Plasticisers.

Is low temperature cooking safe?

Cooking safety is always a match between time & temperature. Sous Vide is no different. Very simply, time will dictate texture and tenderness, while temperature dictates the desired ‘doneness’ of your food. The focus on these two aspects are critical to the Sous Vide experience.

Traditional cooking times and temperatures are more instinctively known but it’s easy with Sous Vide too and you will quickly get used to it. Many recipes are now available in Sous Vide recipe books and they will always provide this information to make sure your food is cooked to perfection.

Why choose a Burton Sous Vide Water Bath instead of a Circulator?

There are certainly pros and cons for both but here are some reasons why customers tend to upgrade to a restaurant style water bath:

Price: Circulators are generally cheaper but attract a host of extra costs such as water containers (preferably insulated!), lids (or other products to prevent evaporation), food bags, a vacuum sealer and racks to keep your bags submerged and separated. The Burton Sous Vide provides all of this in a single, easy to use, easy to clean unit. We even give you a free starter kit, including a vacuum pump and a set of reusable bags.

Convenience: In the case of a circulator, all those different components must be cleaned and stored away, then brought back to the countertop and assembled every time you cook. With the Burton Sous Vide all of these components are fully integrated into a single compact unit designed to sit snugly on your worktop. You don’t even need to empty or change the water every time!

Another important factor to consider is that, due to poor insulation and the potential for evaporation, circulators require regular monitoring to make sure that water levels remain constant and are topped up when necessary. You should NEVER leave a circulator unattended for extended periods. The Burton Sous Vide however, is double-skinned, with a specially designed insulation jacket fitted between the inner and outer surface and a unique insulated lid, meaning that you can happily go about your day while your water bath cooks your food safely and economically.

Design: The Burton Sous Vide combines sleek aesthetics with silent operation to create a superbly stylish yet discreet feature for your countertop. With a Burton Sous Vide water bath working away silently in the background, you won’t have to deal with the distraction of an unsightly mish-mash of cobbled together components buzzing away in your kitchen.

Safety: Unless you spend extra money on specially insulated containers and lids, circulators can present significant safety concerns in a household setting. The potential for outer surfaces to become extremely hot to the touch or even cause burns is very high, while the dangers of maintaining heated water to potential temperatures of 80c plus degrees for hours on end in an open vessel speak for themselves.

The Burton Sous Vide has been designed specifically with these safety concerns in mind. Unlike other models on the market, our double-skin water bath has a specially developed 1.5cm thick insulating jacket fitted between the outer and inner surfaces. Our lid is also unique among rival products, being fully insulated and designed to prevent the escape of any water or steam. This means that the Burton Sous Vide remains cool to the touch and easy to handle throughout the cooking process.

Economy: Our special attention to insulation during the design process of the Burton Sous Vide means our water bath is more cost effective that other products, typically costing around £0.005 per hour to run. Its specially insulated, double-skinned container together with its unique gasketed lid means that our machine experiences minimal heat loss and no evaporation during the cooking process. This not only makes it cheaper to run but also means that you don’t need to keep checking and topping up water levels.

Why Sous Vide cooking is so much better

Perfect and consistent results Healthier cooking, enhanced flavour and taste Tenderness and succulence Time saving and versatile
Economical and cost effective Freezing is better and easier Stress free entertaining Avoid overcooking
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