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The new General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’) means it’s important for us to take care of your personal information and explain our process behind it. We want to give you the best website ​and ​customer experience possible!

What personal information do we store?

We collect and store personal information when you either submit a contact form enquiry, or purchase a product from our website. Customer emails will be stored on our internal Burtonsousvide.co.uk email platform. Purchase order information will be stored on​ ​Mintsoft. We only work with third parties who take the GDPR rules seriously.

Once your order is placed, you will:

  • Receive an email confirming your order (including your billing and shipping address)
  • Receive an email confirming the successfully shipping of your product from our fulfilment warehouse.

Why do we store customer information?

We store information to give you the best online ​and​ offline experience with us.

Please Note:​ Once you’ve opted-in and you change your mind, you may unsubscribe from receiving any future emails by emailing info@burtonsousvide.co.uk

Your personal information will never be transferred, sold or given to any third party companies in any circumstance (or without full consent). Your data will be stored for a minimum of 8 years. After these 8 years, we will do a review whether to continue storing your data (with your consent). You can request your full data to be deleted at anytime.

All customer data is securely stored internally (following the GDPR guidelines), on our own databases. Full customer data is available to our customers whenever it’s requested.

Only necessary and relevant Burton Sous Vide employees will have access to customer information to:

  • Successfully complete your order (with your consent)
  • Answer any queries, comments or complaints you may have
  • Inform you of any order/delivery issues or delays (with your consent)

Third party social platforms (such as Facebook and Instagram) may track you as a website visitor (through a website pixel) to show you our latest special offers. They won’t know any of your personal details, they will just know that you’ve been on the website at least once.

By using our site, you consent to our complete online privacy policy.

Thank you.

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